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Welcome to OnlineMathDegrees.org, an online resource for educational and career information in mathematics fields. A math degree can prepare you for a wealth of careers. This includes work in such fields as science, economics, finance, insurance, and computer science. Math majors also can secure positions in academia and research. With so many opportunities available it can be tough to sort through the program and career options. With that in mind, we’ve written a few helpful articles to get you started, including:

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Many schools now offer online degrees in science and mathematics, making it easier for you to earn your degree while balancing the demands of school and work. Below we’ve listed a few popular online school options.

Concordia University at Portland — The MEd in Curriculum and Instruction with a specialization in Mathematics from Concordia University at Portland is geared for students with a passion for quantitative analytics, statistics, and teaching. The online program requires the completion of 45 units and can be completed in two years. Admission criteria include your GPA, evidence of work experience, past quantitative coursework, and the GMAT exam.
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Southern New Hampshire University — For those who wish to earn a specialized MBA, Southern New Hampshire University offers its tailored MBA in Quantitative Analysis. The program teaches students how to effectively understand data and apply that knowledge to business scenarios.
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What is a Math Degree?

A math degree teaches students the various aspects of mathematics, focusing on the principles behind the basic math problems most of us are familiar with. Studying for a math degree includes logical thought and problem formulation. It is a subject that increases your logic and problem-solving skills. You are learning to see further than the numbers and data and understand why those numbers appear. This is a very useful degree for those who wish to work in statistics, finance or math education. Students also study areas like calculus and geometry.

Computers and Math Degrees

Math degrees rely heavily on computers and select programs for courses. This is true for online courses, as well as traditional math programs. It is important to have a solid knowledge of using computers to enroll in any math degree program. Most traditional schools have large computer labs for students to use for homework, studying and sometimes exams. Online courses may require students to have certain computer programs, although most material is accessible through the program’s website. Computer science majors often minor or double major in math for a better understanding of logistical thinking and numbers.

Are There Prerequisites for a Math Degree?

For a bachelor’s degree, most online programs accept a high school diploma or GED. Many traditional schools require a high school diploma and do not accept the GED. Check with your individual prospective program for an idea of what they will accept for applicants. For a master’s degree, you will need a bachelor’s in a related field such as math, computer science or statistics. Most master’s programs have a list of prerequisite courses a student must take. These courses include various levels of calculus, algebra and geometry. These courses are all covered for math degrees and will have been completed during a student’s undergrad work. For PhD level math degrees, a student needs a master’s degree in a related field, as well as the GRE and a letter of recommendation.

What Else Do I Need to Find a Job with a Math Degree?

Though not all math majors go on to work in computer science or programming, it is highly suggested you take a few computer science courses to learn basic programming. For math majors who go on to work outside of education, programming is one of the primary ways to gain employment that pays well. Positions like computer programmers, computer systems analysts and computer and information-sciences jobs all require individuals with a strong math background.

What If I Want to Work in Education?

For those who want to teach math or work with math organizations or programs, students should focus their studies on education degree programs as opposed to straight math degrees. Those wishing to work as a teacher or department advisor in math should obtain a Bachelor of Arts in Education or Teaching concentrating in math. Other general math degrees work to prepare students for applied math and science positions that deal with statistics and numbers on a daily basis. An teaching-based math degree shows you how to work with students and teach them math, allowing you to specialize in certain areas of math or grade levels.

If I Have a Math Degree, Can I Still Teach?

A general math degree, that does not focus on education, can still be utilized to work in education. In most states, a bachelor’s degree in any subject will be enough to allow you to sit for the state certification teaching exam. This exam allows you to work as a teacher in that state. Some states may require a certain number of additional college hours, if it has been several years since you finished your degree. For example, someone who worked in corporate America for 20 years, but has been laid off may wish to start a new career in teaching. He or she may have a bachelor’s degree, but will be required to take a small number of college courses in addition to passing the certification exam. This is to ensure the teacher’s education is current.

Learn About Online Math Degree Programs

Online math degree programs focus on the same principles and objectives as traditional math degrees. Although math degrees are still a fairly new breed of online degrees, they are becoming acceptable within the math community and for those applying for jobs related to the subject. Math degree programs are also offered through online legs of traditional schools. Online programs allow you to participate full or part time, depending on what works with your schedule. A student often starts out taking one or two classes. As the student becomes more comfortable with the online learning medium, they may take on an additional course. Online math degree programs utilize computers just as traditional courses do. Because computers play such a major role for any math degree, the online experience is not much different from a traditional program.

How Do I Find an Online Math Degree Program?

There are many accredited programs available through online schools and traditional schools. This is the most important factor of researching and finding the right online degree program for you. The program must be accredited. Math programs offered through traditional schools are always accredited by the same source as the regular program. Schools that only conduct classes online are often accredited by these same regional organizations, which means a diploma from these programs are just as valid as one issued by a traditional school.

The convenience of online programs allow a student to fit courses around his or her schedule. Start your search by looking up accredited math programs that are available online. You can also look up reviews on these programs. Some reviews and rankings are compiled by major publications and education organizations, while others are created based on student experiences. Use both to find the school that’s the right fit for you.

What Kind of Job Can I Have With a Math Degree?

A math degree leads to many different career opportunities. The natural path for many studying math in education is to become a teacher. A teacher can work at various grade levels and may go on to work in math enrichment or development programs for the district, in a more administrative role. Math majors can also work with community centers and non-profit organizations for math enrichment programs. The area with the most growth for general math majors is computer science and programming. Students do not have to have a computer science or programming degree, as long as they are acquainted with basic coding and programming. This is where math majors can obtain entry level positions and work their way up within the same company, later earning significant pay. Math majors can also work as financial analysts, engineers or an actuary. Most actuaries work for insurance companies. They analyze the actual chances of investments doing well or poorly.

What is an Online Math Class Like?

NumbersOnline math courses are similar to traditional classes because of technology and computers. Math majors go on to work with computers, and both online and traditional classes are completed on computers for the most part. While online math classes take place on a student’s own time, the material is the same.

If you are taking an online math class from an accredited source, expect the same level of education as that experienced by students in a traditional classroom. You will receive a syllabus when class begins that outlines the course objectives and explains important exam dates. This will also contain information on reaching a professor for questions or conferences. Some math classes have a discussion group held on a message board. Students are expected to discuss current material and ask questions. Because math classes can be difficult, this message board system is an essential part of many online math courses. Students are able to help each other and look at material from a different angle, which can be refreshing if you are struggling with the same problems or work for hours.

How Do I Teach Math at the College Level?

Teaching math at the college level requires a PhD in math. Most students obtain this PhD from a different school than their master’s to avoid saturation from one learning institution. This also shows a student functions well in various academic settings. Students should start with a bachelor’s degree in math or a related area of study. Following this, take the GRE and apply for a master’s in math program. Once you have this degree, you move on to becoming a PhD candidate at different math program. All three of these degrees are available online from accredited sources. Because all of your classes online, consider joining alumni organizations and math associations for professionals to meet like-minded individuals in your field and increase your networking pool.

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