101 Prime Resources on Advanced Mathematics

Mathematician 07 Apr , 2019

Even for someone who tends to be good at math, it can be a daunting task to master some of the more advanced topics of number theory, combinatorics, and the mathematical tactics used in physics and computer programming. Moreover, math expertise builds on itself, so it is impossible to master specialized mathematical techniques without slogging through all the fundamentals along the way. The wide variety of branches and applications of mathematics makes it hard for even accomplished mathematicians to keep up with everything going on in the field, but maintaining a broad base of knowledge in many subjects is important for anyone who incorporates mathematics in their career skill set. These sites are perfect for students who are working to become experts in a particular field of mathematics but need to keep working knowledge in other areas as well.

The categories here aren’t meant to be comprehensive, because each site listed serves a very specific niche, and the sites aren’t listed in any particular order. From Algebra to Algorithmic Programming, many branches of math are represented here, and anyone who looks should find something interesting.

General Mathematics

These sites cover the full gamut of mathematical topics and cater both to total beginners and career mathematicians.

  1. American Mathematical Society Blogs


    The American Mathematical Society is a great institution for painting a good picture about different happenings in the math community. They have great information on math in the media and different educational resources.

    Additional InfoMath Mentoring Network

  2. Encyclopedia of Mathematics


    Encyclopedia of Mathematics is an open-access resource for gaining knowledge into many different subjects. It’s a great way to sift through a bunch of different data and find some useful information.

    Additional InfoMain Page

  3. University of Cambridge NRICH


    NRICH promotes the learning of mathematics through problem solving and provoking mathematical thinking. Rich activities are offered for students, teachers and parents.

    Additional InfoStop The Clock

  4. Math Notations


    Math Notations works to help convey the best understanding of math possible, since it is largely the foundation of how we function in the world. Most of the material focuses on math between grades 4 and 12, along with AP calculus, so whether you’re looking for a refresher course or preparation material for an examination, the site is invaluable.

    Additional InfoSo is 75 the Avg of the pos integers from 50 to 100 Inclusive?

  5. X Bubbler: Very Stylish Math


    X Bubbler: Very Stylish Math is great because of its straightforward nature and easy-to-understand posts. Many of the posts look at prime numbers, so it’s a great place to get more information on that as well.

    Additional InfoHow Many Prime Numbers Are There?

  6. (x, why?)


    (x, why?) is a blog with different math-related jokes and keeps a casual, fun tone for students to easily stay engaged while still pulling useful information away.

    Additional InfoIf I Wrote State Exams

  7. Beni Bogosel’s Blog


    When it comes to combining math problems and research topics, Beni Bogosel’s Blog is a great source for looking at all sorts of problems and trying to discern clear solutions.

    Additional InfoIMC Problem 10

  8. Launchings


    David Bressoud is a professor at Macalester College and is the former president of the Mathematical Association of America. His site, Launchings, is an incredibly useful tool that looks at different aspects of math and brings it all under a singular umbrella.

    Additional InfoMAA Calculus Study: Effects of Calculus in High School

  9. Math Drudge


    Math Drudge centers on the musings of two mathematicians as they look at different facets of math and science. The posts are very captivating, each focusing on an area within education.

    Additional InfoEssays

  10. The Pi Search Page


    The Pi Search Page started merely with intentions to let individuals search the infinite numbers of pi for their birthday. Over the years, it has grown to allow for searching of any chain of numbers within Pi, so it’s a fun way to see what you can find in Pi.

    Additional InfoWhy? Why?

  11. A Friendly Introduction to Number Theory


    A Friendly Introduction to Number Theory provides parts of a book of the same title online so that readers can best understand if this is the book that they need for advancing their understanding of advanced mathematics.

    Additional InfoChapters 47-50

  12. The Boyer-Moore Theorem Prover (NQTHM)


    The Boyer-Moore Theorem Prover was started in Scotland in 1971 with the intention of being an automatic theorem prover that makes researching much more efficient.

    Additional InfoMy Best Ideas

  13. The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences® (OEIS®)


    The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences allows for users to search for different sequences of integers are they need to do research as to the circumstances in which those integers appear.

    Additional InfoContribute

  14. Peter Cameron’s Blog


    Run by a professor of mathematics in London, Peter Cameron’s Blog showcases an ability to convey useful information, but underlines his experience as an educator by being very approachable.

    Additional InfoSymmetry Versus Regularity

  15. Tanya Khovanova’s Math Blog


    Tanya Khovanova’s Math Blog is managed by a professional mathematician who details her life in the field, the application of math to many different parts of life, and just general parts of math.

    Additional InfoParallel Weighings Solution

  16. Number Theory Web


    Number Theory Web is a regularly updated site that provides lectures and different theories on complex aspects of mathematics and their prevalence in society today.

    Additional InfoNew Listings

  17. Bubbles Bad; Ripples Good


    Bubbles Bad; Ripples Good is run by Willie Wong, a mathematician working at the renowned Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne in Switzerland. He works to explain large amounts of mathematics to others and increase the understanding of the importance of math in society.

    Additional InfoTeaching Links

  18. Doron Zeilberger – MathisFun


    Doron Zeilberger – MathisFun emphasizes not only the usefulness and practicality of mathematics, but how the problem solving associated with it can be fun and engaging.

    Additional InfoPlan Geometry: An Elementary Textbook

  19. Women in Number Theory


    WIN: Women In Number Theory aims to give credit and promote women who work in number theory and all the incredibly valuable work they contribute to the field. The site details upcoming conferences, important female number theorists, great resources, and much more.

    Additional InfoFemale Number Theorists

  20. GRASP


    GRASP from the University of Texas at Austin is a lecture series that focuses on fundamental concepts of geometry representations, and even elements of physics. The lectures are given on a fairly regular basis, so it’s an important resource to keep up on the latest happenings.

    Additional InfoThe University of Texas at Austin Mathematics Department

  21. The Mathematical Atlas


    The Mathematical Atlas guides users through use about every area they would need help with concerning mathematics. The site starts with broader topics and increases refinement as the page goes on.

    Additional InfoFoundations

  22. Thinking Mathematics!


    Thinking Mathematics! Is designed to be a go-to guide not only for teachers of high school math, but for students as well. The posts help teachers with innovative methods for conveying knowledge that will stick and helps students with the easiest steps to lifelong comprehension.

    Additional InfoLearn To Think!

  23. QuickMath


    QuickMath is a fascinating breakthrough technologically that allows students to input problems and it will solve the equation step-by-step for you. This is great for students struggling to understand how to get a solution and just need guidance.

    Additional InfoExpand

  24. Wolfram | Alpha: Math World

    Wolfram | Alpha: Math World is an impressively dense source for working to understand different parts of mathematics, ranging from simpler elements, such as algebra, and all the way through calculus and statistics.

    Additional InfoNumber Theory

  25. The Math Forum @ Drexel


    The Math Forum @ Drexel helps bring people together, including students, teachers, parents, and even researchers. When looking for help concerning math and a place to discuss problems with others, this should be a definite source to check out.

    Additional InfoProblems and Puzzles

  26. Wild About Math


    Wild About Math takes on the initiative of making math more fun and accessible, noting that it’s a great way to stimulate educational progress, build problem solving skills, and have fun. Author Kiki Prottsman does a fantastic job, even by including great podcasts.

    Additional InfoKiki Prottsman – Inspired by Math #31

  27. What’s New


    What’s New is full of updates on research, discussions, and math-related topics from Terence Tao. Since the site is so regularly updated, it is an important place to check for the latest in research pertaining to mathematics.

    Additional InfoAn Improved Type 1 Estimate

  28. Division by Zero


    Division by Zero focuses on math, teaching, and the innovations within academic technology as they’re relevant to math. The posts are great because of their depth and candor.

    Additional InfoUsing a Kayak to Measure the Perimeter of a Lake

  29. Mathblogging


    Mathblogging is a fun site where users can check the pulse of what’s currently going on within the math community, along with interesting news articles and more.

    Additional InfoMathematical Instruments

  30. Good Math, Bad Math


    Good Math, Bath Math aims to promotes the best practices in mathematics that are the most intuitive to learning, while weeding out less effective methods.

    Additional InfoInfinite Cantor Crankery

  31. The Number Warrior


    The Number Warrior is written by a high school math teacher who has a refined interest in better forming the education system to make it more effective for students to learn math and teachers to teach it. The posts all look at topics within mathematics and shines a great light onto them.

    Additional InfoThe Origami Proof That The Square Root of 2 is Irrational

  32. Math-Blog


    Math-Blog focuses more on different developments in the math field rather than problem solving or research, but it’s still a very worthwhile place to read some quality information on different subjects, history, and even get some unsolved problems.

    Additional InfoThe Mathematics of the Manhattan Project

  33. Planetmath


    Planetmath is a virtual community which works to create content for and by mathematicians. The page discusses many different theorems and hypotheticals, but also has articles, problems, and a great collections section.

    Additional InfoCollections

  34. Math Mistakes


    Math Mistakes shows visitors to the site how to avoid common pitfalls when working in mathematics and how people end up in those particular situations. Aside from useful guide on how to avoid making errors, it shows views how to properly reinforce the correct principles.

    Additional InfoAlgebra Facts

  35. Math Archives


    Math Archives is designed for teachers to have all the materials available to properly educate students and succeed in a lasting impression. It also helps with some of the more complex elements of calculus to make sure that the proper methods are conveyed.

    Additional InfoCalculus Resources

  36. European Mathematical Information Service


    The European Mathematical Information Service provides great resources for professional mathematicians and has done so for nearly 20 years online. The site has information on financial mathematics, statistics, education, and more.

    Additional InfoClassical Works, Selecta, and Opera Omnia

  37. Republic of Mathematics


    The Republic of Mathematics aims to provide great solutions that promote more efficient teaching from educators and more engaged students. The posts stay approachable and don’t delve into equations or problems that are overly complex, so it’s a great resource for both educators and students alike.

    Additional InfoThe Leading (base 10) Digit of an Integer

  38. Math Overflow


    Math Overflow allows anyone to ask or answer questions pertaining to mathematics and then the best answers are voted up the list to the top. It’s a great way to find answers to complex questions within a community of experts.

    Additional InfoQuestions

  39. If Wisdom Were Teachable


    If Wisdom Were Teachable aims to instill the crucial elements of mathematics into individuals since as the namesake of the blog implies, wisdom is not teachable. Their perspective is that mathematics is the most attainable option.

    Additional InfoThe Central Amenability Constant of a Finite Group: Part 3 of n

  40. Plus Magazine


    Plus Magazine chronicles the application of mathematics in a variety of real life situations, many times stemming from interesting pieces of news.

    Additional InfoPackages

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Algorithms, Programming & Software

Computer science is one of the most common applications of mathematical knowledge today, and using algorithms and computational processes to make work easier and eliminate manual problem solving is a major plus.

  1. Math | Programming


    Math | Programming is run by a Ph.D. student at the University of Illinois in Chicago who chronicles real-life solutions to problems he finds and their rooting in different mathematical principles.

    Additional InfoMain Content

  2. CSE Blog – quant, math, computer science puzzles


    CSE Blog – Quant, Math, Computer Science Puzzles is a great source for those in a math-related field to push themselves, further develop their problem solving skills, and even prepare for interviews.

    Additional InfoAnother Coin Problem

  3. Healthy Algorithms


    Healthy Algorithms centers content around TCS and ACO applications with a goal of providing useful research for the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation at UW.

    Additional InfoThe Key to Interaction in D3js

  4. Mathematics and Computation


    Mathematics and Computation is all the need-to-know information that pertains to mathematics for computers. The posts go over different types of theory and it’s a really great place for all those involved with technology.

    Additional InfoFree Variables Are Not “Implicitly Universally Quantified”!

  5. Algorithmic Solutions Software


    Algorithmic Solutions helps to provide software and consulting. They use algorithms and data structures to innovate and drive the software industry forward.

    Additional InfoLEDA

  6. Macaulay2


    Macaulay2 is software designed to support research in geometry and algebra. It’s been funded by the National Science Foundation since 1992 and is a really great initiative for delving deeper into different aspects of math.

    Additional InfoEvents

  7. Jenn3d


    Jenn 3d is a very cool site that allows users to tinker with different quotients of Cayley graphs and embeds them into a 3 dimensional sphere, which creates very interesting designs. The software is used to make different patterns for clothing, visualizers at dance parties, and much more.

    Additional InfoHow Do I Use Jenn?

  8. Analytic Bridge


    Analytic Bridge fills the gap between data intelligence and business analytics in an effective manner that allows for large insight into different operational mechanisms with the contemporary business landscape.

    Additional InfoWho Has The Largest Predictive Data Analytics?

  9. Honglang Wang’s Blog


    Honglang Wang’s Blog breaks down statistics, biostatistics, mathematics, and machine learning. Where the blog is most effective is when providing detail on aspects of big data and its future role in the world.

    Additional InfoThink About Statistical Interferences from the Ground Up Again

  10. Modulo Errors


    Modulo Errors focuses on different aspects of being a mathematician and also is the author’s different research interests, which include computational, experimental, and algebraic number theory.

    Additional InfoThe Benign Dictatorship of the London Underground

  11. GeoEdit


    The idea behind JeoEdit is to most aptly convey useful information to the computational geometry community in order to help it have a place online to work with algorithms and theorems.

    Additional InfoApplet

  12. Machine Learning (Theory)


    Machine Learning (Theory) aims to assist those in academic research who work with learning and learning theory. The concept is interesting and posts often cover large ranges of topics.

    Additional InfoThe Benefits of a Double-Blind Review

  13. Peanut Software Homepage


    For math and computer science students, the necessity for good information on math and computing is very large. Peanut Software Homepage provides some great building blocks for these things.

    Additional InfoRSS Feed

  14. Topology and Geometry Software


    Topology and Geometry Software focuses on different games and interactive tools for making interesting graphics. It’s a great way to show others how math can be applied to areas less known.

    Additional InfoTorus Games

  15. bit-player


    bit-player focuses on computation and mathematics. The writer of the blog is also the Senior Writer for American Scientist, who manages the magazine’s computation and mathematics column.

    Additional InfoDancing with the Spheres

  16. Algorithmic Combinatorics Software


    Algorithmic Combinatorics focuses on some of the most pertinent algorithms and summations in mathematics to make a good foundation for any aspiring mathematician.

    Additional InfofastZeil

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Physics & Calculus

Physics applies mathematics to the most basic ways that the universe functions. Physicists use math to build theories of how things work that can then be experimentally verified.

  1. The Calculus Page Problems List


    The Calculus Page Problems List is a great guide for breaking down all of the most crucial elements of calculus that cause problems for students and mathematicians alike.

    Additional InfoLimits of Functions as X Approaches a Constant

  2. OpenCalculus


    OpenCalculus works to provide free calculus resources to students. All the material is open-source and is great for instructors to build off of.

    Additional InfoScreencasts for Active Calculus and the Inverted Classroom

  3. Calculus Humor


    Calculus Humor is a fun way to look at calculus and provides a relatively low-pressure avenue to look at it through. The jokes really are funny and make for a nice way to blow off steam for the math junkies.

    Additional InfoProofs

  4. Soul Physics


    Soul Physics looks at the philosophy of physics and provides a wealth of very interesting information pertaining to philosophy and its impact on physics.

    Additional InfoWhat is a Superselection Rule?

  5. Ramblings of a Short Fat Failed Physicist


    The blog Ramblings of a Short Fat Failed Physicist chronicles Chris, who has strong interests in physics, philosophy, music and the arts. The blog is interesting, particularly because of the mix of interests and his pursuit of a second degree via Open University.

    Additional InfoCoursera

  6. Physics and Maths info @ Imperial College London Library


    Physics and Maths Info at Imperial College London Library keeps users up to date with all the latest happenings and math-related books to arrive to their collection. For students at the college, it’s an invaluable resource to know when they’re able to expand their horizons mathematically.

    Additional InfoSIAM ebooks now available

  7. Teaching Calculus


    Teaching Calculus is run by a seasoned Calculus teacher who aims to equip others with the know-how to successful convey the complexities of Calculus to others in a fashion that is intuitive to educating others.

    Additional InfoThru The Year

  8. Math 132


    Math 132 focuses on all the information students in the course will need to know when enrolled at UMass. It breaks down what will be on exams, along with what students can expect from homework assignments.

    Additional InfoExams

  9. Mathematical Tools for Physics


    Mathematical Tools for Physics is used for Physics 315 from the University of Miami and is designed to accompany classwork and make the material easier to comprehend.

    Additional InfoBasic Stuff

  10. NOVA: Physics & Math


    NOVA: Physics and Math from PBS is an awesome source for students and non-students alike to get valuable information as to many different elements of the world, space, and much more. The physics and math section shows all the ways that these elements impact every facet of our lives.

    Additional InfoArticle

  11. Do the Math


    Do the Math presents an interesting perspective for mathematics. Site-Runner Tom Murphy focuses on physics and mathematics to solve problems in energy, growth, and other real-world dilemmas.

    Additional InfoUseful Energy Relations

  12. Taking up Spacetime


    Taking Up Spacetime is largely rooted in foundational issues in different aspects of physics, but also the philosophy of these elements, including the metaphysics of science, specifically space, time, determinism, causation, and many others.

    Additional InfoPhilosophers of Physics

  13. Physics Forums


    Physics Forums should be one of the first places to come when there are inquiries to be made concerning mathematics and physics questions. The site has many experts posting replies, so you can always be sure to have someone to help.

    Additional InfoMath and Science Learning Materials

  14. Visual Calculus


    Visual Calculus was originally designed to help instructors cater to those who learn better visually and use computers, in some aspects, to teach calculus. Over the years, the collection has been expanded greatly and is very useful for teachers and students alike.

    Additional InfoLimits and Continuity

  15. Felicitations from a physicist of fluid fluctuations!


    Felicitations from a physicist of fluid fluctuations is run by Computational Geophysicist Andy Ganse from the University of Washington, Seattle. His posts showcase his impressive amount of knowledge for very complex information, but it’s still useful for seeing what’s going on in the world of applied physics.

    Additional InfoServer With a Fringe on “top”

  16. Physics Math Review


    Physics Math Review underlines how math is the foundation of physics, so in order to succeed in physics, you must first succeed in math. The site breaks down some of the most important math skills that directly translate to physics and explains their use.

    Additional InfoSolving for a single variable in a first degree equation

  17. Journal of Mathematical Physics


    The Journal of Mathematical Physics is a leading source on research pertaining to some of the most crucial elements concerning how mathematics impact physics. It’s a great source for reading some of the latest news in the field as well.

    Additional InfoJ. Math Phys

  18. Mathematics Rising


    Mathematics Rising focuses on the prevalence of mathematics in society and it’s practical application in a variety of settings. More importantly, it’s a great source for seeing how math intersects in just about any field.

    Additional InfoThings Versus Relations and Objects Versus Properties

  19. Guide to Math Needed to Study Physics


    The Guide to Math Needed to Study Physics is a foremost source when it comes to understanding what steps within mathematics are necessary to successfully enter into physics and more.

    Additional InfoBlack Holes

  20. M-Phi


    Mathematical Philosophy is a very refined subject and M-Phi approaches it with tact and intelligence. The posts are rooted in symbolic logic and its place in mathematics.

    Additional Info101 Dalmatians

  21. Zona Land Education


    Zona Land Education shows all the different items and how much of an influence either into math or science they may have. They have great resources on physics and mathematics as well.

    Additional InfoMore Science Than Mathematics

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Math for Artists

Fractal imagery, four dimensional objects rendered as three dimensional sculptures, and recursive drawings like those of M.C. Escher are among the many ways that mathematics can be applied to the creation and understanding of artwork.

  1. Lost in Recursion


    Paul Salomon runs Lost in Recursion and it focuses on his life as a math teacher, as well as detail his life as a mathematical artist. He explains his love for teaching and helping others and the posts on the blog are really fun and engaging.

    Additional InfoMemories of a Musician

  2. Math Goes Pop!


    Math Goes Pop! looks at the very interesting relationship that math and pop culture have together and the posts are fun ways to look at data and understand its significance to our lives.

    Additional InfoMath in the Movies

  3. Mike Naylor’s math blog


    Mike Naylor’s Math Blog has some of the best ideas and math related content when it comes to finding innovative new ways to teach. The site’s awesome ability to pull the reader in while simultaneously being educational is almost unparalleled.

    Additional InfoFactor Visualization

  4. George W. Hart


    George W. Hart is a freelance mathematical designer and sculptor based in New York who focuses on how math can impact elements of design. His site breaks down all the places his work has been shown and is an innovative tool for understanding some of the other practical uses for math.

    Additional InfoAthens, Greece

  5. Virtual Math Museum


    The Virtual Math Museum showcases some of the most interesting art created from math equations and goes into many different elements of how they create the shapes they do.

    Additional InfoClassic Space Curves

  6. Dennis Brady Studios


    Dennis Brady is a self-taught fractal artist who has worked with mathematics and digital computer art for over 25 years. The site showcases some of the incredible ways that math can create art.

    Additional InfoVertical Panoramas – Digital Art

  7. Oskar van Deventer


    Oskar van Deventer runs Puzzles, a website devoted to showcasing all the different types of puzzles he has made. Additionally, Oskar has contributed significantly to the Dutch Research Institute and is a senior scientist on network and service control.

    Additional InfoOskar’s Games on Nintendo 3DS

  8. Bret Victor


    Bret Victor is aims to change how people learn, understand, and create. He helps utilize his education and expansive knowledge on physics and mathematics to improve the way we all interact and think.

    Additional InfoInvesting on Principle

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Assorted Topics

There are far too many sub-topics in mathematics to adequately categorize them, but since the many niches of mathematics are so interrelated, reading about one topic can provide flashes of insight about many others.

  1. Crewton Ramone’s Blog of Math


    Crewton Ramone’s Blog of Math is an awesome way to get all the math info you could want in a convenient source and in a form that is easy to understand. The posts are fun and are very intuitive to learning.

    Additional InfoUnderstanding Ratios Using Base Ten Blocks

  2. Experiencing Geometry: Euclidean and Non-Euclidean With History


    Experiencing Geometry: Euclidean and Non-Euclidean With History is a book that has been published online that highlights the history of geometry, starting with its early beginnings and all the way to its current form.

    Additional InfoSupplementary Reading

  3. Computational Geometry Pages


    Computational Geometry Pages focuses on the meetings and guidance the Symposium on Computational Geometry provides to the mathematics community. It’s a very useful tool for gaining information on upcoming meetings and more.

    Additional InfoFirst Opinion Poll

  4. Geometry Engine Open Source


    Geometry Engine Open Source is a fantastic collaboration among many different people, due to it being open source, and it works to streamline some different programming functions relevant to C++.

    Additional InfoTimeline

  5. Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Student Blog


    The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics is incredibly dense with some of the most useful information pertaining to students and ensuring they have all the resources available to succeed when it comes to mathematics.

    Additional InfoVirginia Tech’s First Poster Session

  6. College Algebra Practice Tests


    College Algebra Practice Test is a site that breaks down all the parts of algebra you can expect to see on a college-level algebra test. For high school students preparing for college or those currently enrolled, it’s a great way to stay on top of the course load.

    Additional InfoChapter 1

  7. Aleph Zero Categorical


    Aleph Zero Categorical is the mathematics blog of Jason Polak, a Ph.D. student at McGill University, who posts random musings concerning math and different things he finds interesting.

    Additional InfoSemisimple or Unipotent Borels are the Whole Group

  8. Geometry Algorithms


    Geometry Algorithms is a full list of algorithm titles and provides great content for understanding what each one does and the significance of it.

    Additional InfoBasic Linear Algebra

  9. Overthinking my teaching


    Overthinking My Teaching shows the perspective of a teacher who is always questioning his teaching methods and looking for ways to improve how effective mathematics are integrated into society.

    Additional InfoSchools for Tomorrow Conference

  10. The Combinatorics Net


    The Combinatorics Net publishes impressive combinatorial mathematics and cover a wide range of areas, not limited to, but including science, biology, statistics, probability, topology, chemistry, and much more.

    Additional InfoResources

  11. Algebraic Geometry


    Algebraic Geometry is an open-access journal from the Foundation Compoitio Mathematica and has an intent goal on providing the finest in research pertaining to algebraic geometry and related fields.

    Additional InfoFoundation Compoitio Mathematica

  12. Climbing Mount Bourbaki


    Climbing Mount Bourbaki chronicles the journey of one mathematics undergraduate student as he compares the journey of attaining his degree to climbing a mountain.

    Additional Info27 Lines on a Cubic Surface

  13. Combinatorics and more


    Cominatorics and More is written by a visiting mathematician at Yale University who works with geometric combinatorics to study very interesting convex polytopes and other information.

    Additional InfoGina Says

  14. Process Algebra Diary


    Process Algebra Diary posts papers that many times pertain to In-Process Algebra, but sometimes are just interesting or fun papers that relate to mathematics and computer science in general.

    Additional InfoJune Issue of the Bulletin of the EATCS

  15. Geometry and Combinatorics


    Geometry and Combinatorics is written by a professor in the department of mathematics at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Posts provide great perspective from an obviously well-versed professional and it’s a great place to get started with combinatorics.

    Additional InfoJournal of Computational Geometry

  16. The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics


    The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics is one of the most accredited sources when it comes to research on combinatorics today. Additionally, they champion an open access approach that complements the community they work with.

    Additional InfoCurrent